Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back for sale

Buyer didn't get bank loan ... house is back in the market.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Almost ...

This house is almost sold, at the price we targeted.  Not being financially savvy, we are really clueless about breaking even and didn't even think of getting more.  But we're really blessed that if this goes through, we have enough to cover the cash needed for the new flat, and only have to cough out the commissions, legal fees, stamp duties, etc.  God is truly in the details.

Hubby and I took leave the whole week to just chill.  After the "first appointment" yesterday we had a leisurely lunch and walked the hub for a bit before heading home via public bus.  Today, we hung around PS while waiting for Big One, but she decided to join her friends and to go home on her own.  Much as we enjoy couple-time, I have to slowly accept that Big One is growing more independent each day.

Big One went to GB camp over the weekend and came back with lots to tell.  I'm happy she experienced so much: sleeping in a tent, cooking over open fire, cleaning toilets and canteen, trekking and orienteering and encountering monkeys.  Today she met up with her primary school classmates for a movie.  It's good to see her enjoying herself with friends old and new.

Little One has been able to get to sitting position and she'll prop herself up in the middle of the night when she wakes for her night feeds.  She has also been practicing pulling herself up to standing position in the cot, often letting her hands go once she's in position.  Really have to be watchful!

I have been napping when I can, but wake at odd hours in the middle of the night in addition to the night feeds.  If not for the vacation leave, I'll probably be dozing off at work the whole day long.  I yearn for a stretch of sleep longer than three hours.  Motherhood in my forties is taking a huge toll.

On a positive note, I won myself a place in a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  I'm trying hard to keep pace with the daily tasks.  It's lots of fun!  And promises 13 layouts at the end.  Woohoo!!