Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby No More

One of our first glimpse of her, a long awaited gift.

She completed our family.

At one, she was a bolt of energy.

At two a parcel of joy.

But now she's no longer a baby:

She's three!
And there's something magical about being three - a young girl emerges.

Determined, outspoken, intense. Charming, adorable, loved.

Happy birthday sweetie!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ribbon Storage

Exactly a year ago, I made these to store my ribbons. Worked wonderfully to display what I have by colour themes but the ribbons have a tendency to tangle and to slip off when they are too short.

In another light-bulb moment, I made a bunch of trinket boxes which worked so well and took up less space.  Each box is made of two strips of cardstock and/or transparency. I made most of them 2" by 2" by 0.5" but the following instructions are so easy to adapt the measurements to other sizes.

A strip of cardstock, two inches wide and a strip of transparency, just a tad narrower than two inches.

Score at 0.5", 2", 0.5", 2", 0.5".

Glue the narrow sections together to form a sleeve.

Slide the transparent sleeve into the cardstock sleeve.

2"x2"x1", 3"x3"x0.5", totally customisable!

Sleeves in colours to match the ribbons.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Singapore!

We watched the parade on tv and caught glimpses of the flypast and fireworks.

E didn't manage to keep awake for the finale. She fell asleep while waiting on Daddy's shoulder.