Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ribbon Storage

Exactly a year ago, I made these to store my ribbons. Worked wonderfully to display what I have by colour themes but the ribbons have a tendency to tangle and to slip off when they are too short.

In another light-bulb moment, I made a bunch of trinket boxes which worked so well and took up less space.  Each box is made of two strips of cardstock and/or transparency. I made most of them 2" by 2" by 0.5" but the following instructions are so easy to adapt the measurements to other sizes.

A strip of cardstock, two inches wide and a strip of transparency, just a tad narrower than two inches.

Score at 0.5", 2", 0.5", 2", 0.5".

Glue the narrow sections together to form a sleeve.

Slide the transparent sleeve into the cardstock sleeve.

2"x2"x1", 3"x3"x0.5", totally customisable!

Sleeves in colours to match the ribbons.


stinkydudette said...

I remember!! And you gave me some!! lol.. Where'd you get the tutorial for this? It's a long shot that I'm gonna do this soon, but I love the idea!! Thanks for sharing, Esther!

esther said...

No specific tutorial, just played around with the measurements on my MS score board.

To make them 2"x2"x0.5", I use 2 strips of 2" wide cardstock. I score at 0.5, 2, 0.5, 2 and 0.5. Overlap the 0.5 sections and glue to form a sleeve. Slide one sleeve inside the other. It will help to trim the inside sleeve a tad narrower so it can slide in easily.

Sandy Ang said...

Such a good idea and thanks for the tutorial.
Here's my ribbon organizer :

Deb said...

Thank you so much for sharing your very clever idea. I did it! I have several photos in my small gallery over at SplitCoast -

My ribbon is finally organized - I'm so thrilled!
moonpie11 - SplitCoastStampers

esther said...

You're welcome Deb. Great to have another ribbon stash corralled!

christmas gift basket ideas said...

Totally perfect for your current life-state. Congrats on your move and I hope it is a dream!