Friday, July 30, 2010

The moment I stepped into the house E declared "Mommy I got homework inside my bag." I think she's been wanting to say something like this for a long time.
True enough the playgroup teacher returned the week's assignments including those she didn't complete because she was absent. Guess she has to catch up on these before she can enjoy the weekend.
Sorry for the absence. Yet to fully recover.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

High Fever, Strange Advice and Sha

First E, then I. High fever, cough, sore throat. After battling E's fever and keeping nightly vigil sponging her, I succumbed as well and paid a visit to the doctor on Saturday.

The doctor who was covering duty meticulously noted all my symptoms and checked me carefully. Then, after prescribing the medication, she dispensed some advice, rattling off a long list of food I should avoid.  Then she asked "So what can you eat?" Totally caught off-guard, I volunteered a couple of "safe" food. Instead of confirming if I was correct, she asked again "Did I mention those just now?" "Er... no..." "Yes, so of course you can eat them. Now what else can you eat?" "Porridge?" "Yes! Porridge and rice. Not just plain porridge, add meat and vegetable and boil for 3 hours." Indeed, what will become of porridge boiled for 3 hours?

She went on to teach me how to record the time I drank water so that I will remember to drink one cup of water every hour. And how to count to six hours between each dose of medicine. Hmm I really learnt a lot from just one doctor visit!

On Monday I visited the doctor again because my condition didn't improve and fortunately was treated by the regular doctor. Anxious because of the many types of tablets I have to take, I gulped my first tablet with a swig of water ... and ... c_h_o_k_e_d! I spewed water all the way to the kitchen, not able to swallow anything. My mum thumped my back, I tickled my throat. To no avail. I whimpered that I could breathe, so that my mum would not panic, and indicated for her to whack me some more!

It was a good thing we had a visitor in the house who knows a thing or two about folk medicine. She stroked my throat firmly and managed to soothe the tablet down the right passageway eventually. She has previously treated my mum for gastric discomfort using "guasha" and suggested I let her scrape my back to relieve my fever. Yes, scrape!

As a child, I have seen my grandmother's friends given this treatment for chronic headaches and other discomfort. In the days when money is scarce and medicine is too western, folk remedies such as these were common. But I have never had it done to me. No harm trying.

Here's the "damage" on the second day.
I must say I did feel better after the scraping session.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friendship Swap

Okay, the last sneak wasn't too great. How about another one?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miss Spoken

E: Mommy spin around.
Me: You want me to turn around?
E: Yes. Take away your bolster. Now I hug you. Okay, finish hug. Take your bolster.