Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Big Red just became better

Many of my scrapbooking friends know how much I looooovvvveeee my 3M Adhesive Transfer Gun aka Advanced Tape Glider (ATG) which I nicknamed Big Red. One thing that bugs me is how sometimes the tape slips off the roller. I read a tip to put a cardboard "shim" over the spool. Well, I like to see how much tape I have left in case I need to pack an extra when I scrap away from home. So ...

With 2 plastic items, I have modified Big Red to be a better and meaner tape dispenser!

First item is the leftover core from the tape. Next, a thick piece of clear plastic - mine was from a recycled report cover, but a flat portion of packaging plastic would work too. I trimmed it roughly into a circle slightly larger than the spool holder and made a hole in the centre the size of the core.

Don't mind the sticky gunk still left on the core, it helps to keep everything in place.

Just fit the clear plastic over the tape spool and pop the core on top. It will click slightly.

Another thing to do often is to clear the take-up spool so that everything rolls smoothly.

I mean, rip off that paper tape, leaving a short 4-6" tail like below:

Then reattach the free end on the take-up spool. I put a bit of adhesive (yeah, some of the sticky gunk will do) and start rolling away.

Here's the set-up:

And another showing the perrrfect alignment.
Gotta love my Big Red!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My special day made ultra special by these:

Made by my darling girls!

Concentrating hard to spell correctly.

Drawing a cake and insisting on putting 46 candles on it. After losing count many times over, she numbered each candle as she went along.

Scalloped cream of "vaneenaa".

All done!

The rectangles with words inside? She said they are messages. Must be screenshots!
 So blessed!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Riding the fun times - and two ideas to share

Did the September schools hols just fly by in the blink of an eye? All too soon it is back to school again.  The little one and I did manage to catch some fun times in a little corner of Singapore where, to her delight and mine, she could sit on vintage carousel horses and I feast my eyes on these nostalgic eye-candy:

Here's the layout that I did to capture that idyllic afternoon.  There are two specific ideas that I want to highlight and I hope they will inspire you to look at scrapbooking tools and products in new way.

First, a twist on a favourite product - the washi tape. I got my inspiration for the background from the many pictures and products (if you're on Pinterest or something similar, you would have seen lots too) of anything OMBRE. My take on it is using washi tapes in varying shades of turquoise, four different patterns in fact, and laying them horizontally from dark to light tones.

Then pulling the colours from the carousel horses, I used a sheet of Prima Zephyr 6x6 paper and cut the oval out so that it forms a frame for my photo. To add some sparkle across the page, I glued down rhinestones in varying sizes randomly.  There really is no rule to the placement - I literally scattered the rhinestones from above the paper and glued them down exactly where they happened to land.

Now let me share a technique that might motivate you to use your embossing folders in new ways.  The oval mat which I coloured in Glimmer Glam Tide Pool and Organic Garden is actually embossed with TWO different embossing folders - Sizzix Elegant Wreath (657086) and Flower Clusters (657255). You just need the very innovative Embossing Diffuser (I used Oval #1 in 657945).

If you are choosing folders to use, it helps if one is more "open" if the other is relatively "busy" as, in my case, the "busy" pattern of Flower Clusters is superimposed on the "open" area of the Elegant Wreath.

But really, any two embossing folders will do. Here I paired the same Flower Clusters with Rays (656650).

The picture below shows the placement of the oval plates on each embossing folder before you run the cardstock and embossing folders through the machine.

I hope you have a chance to try this technique. Do share your creations in the MWL gallery! Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mary had a little …

E making up silly songs in the back seat:

Mary had a little calf its skin is black and white
A little chick with rainbow feathers
A little piggy …

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mind the Gab

Recent conversations with E.

E: Mommy can we go to the park at three o'clock?
Me: No, it's too hot at three. Better at four.
E: Is it still hot at four-fifteen?
Me: A little.
E: Okay, then we'll go at four-sixteen.

E: When I came home on the bus that day the construction was blocking the way. They were pouring glue on the road!
Me: Oh, did they use scissors?
E: No Mommy! You're so funny!