Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dream Space

We've got one foot in the waters for a new home.

Talk about moving started several years ago, but we seriously started looking when I was expecting Little One, as we wanted to be nearer (1) work (2) his parents or (3) my parents.  Things halted after the 2nd trimester partly because we wouldn't be moving anywhere in the next six months, and partly because I cried buckets thinking of moving out of our current place.  Yeah, I was a sentimental sob then.

We reactivated the search recently.  When it became obvious who would be Little One's caregiver, we further narrowed the search area.  In fact, I only want one particular block of flats.

So one Saturday I was flipping through the ads and spotted two units advertised.  I made the calls to view them without Hubby.  The two units had their pluses and minuses.  Hubby wanted to see them for himself and we went down again the next day.  Everyone liked the particular unit.

We decided that there wouldn't be a better unit than the one we're eyeing, and bit the bullet by making an offer.  Things started rolling from there.

So here I am, thinking about how to allocate the rooms in the house, and whether I can actually have a mini studio after all.  Well, it will be a shared room, but I can design it the way I like it, without worrying about hand-me-down cabinets and makeshift shelves.

I have been blog-surfing for ideas and found some great places which inspire.  I do not want to look at catalogues, I want to see someone actually muddling through their space and making decisions about what works for them.

Here are some options:

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