Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gathering Ideas

Summary of events: Got the keys to the new flat. Still trying to market the current.Por por is sick, baby is sick. I think I'm heading the same way too.

So much happening. I'm going to indulge in a little wishful thinking about doing up the new place.

So far, we have agreed that the girls will sleep with us for as long as they want to. That leaves 2 bedrooms free. We will reserve one for a guest room, which will go to the girls when they are ready. The other room will be our activity room. Which translates to crafting for me, homework for Big One, play for Little One and doodling for Dada. The computer will also be in here so that I can monitor Big One's time on it.

We will put all the reading and media downstairs - a reading corner, movie watching and lounging area - and Dada will probably be able to rig up the music throughout the house.

I'm longing to go IKEA and the Toyogo warehouse to stock up on containers. I love the idea of painting the wall behind the expedit shelves, maybe treating each cubby hole as a shadow box. I have this idea of unifying the storeroom containers by installing shelves to fit plastic Toyogo bins. In fact, I'm almost fanatical about wanting to unify all sort of containers and bins for the activity room and kitchen too.

I hate blogger for the trouble it takes to post photos. So here's to another photo-less idea post full of links.

Some other ideas for the popular ikea shelving.
Other organising ideas.

And I'm so inspired by things handsewn. I might take this up (again!) soon. Like within the next five years?

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