Monday, February 16, 2009

Fashion and Scrapbooking

Reading fashion magazine makes me feel like a failure. Firstly I lack the figure of those pencil-thin models. Secondly I can't afford the clothes and accessories of each season. A brief scan of local magazines while I was at the hairdresser confirmed that I will have to skip a month's lunches in order to look trendy for a day with an updated outfit (though it might help point #1 and #2 above).

So I learned to be contented with what's in my wardrobe and perk myself with one or two new items once in a while. I'll be happy if every year or three I get to dress up for a special occasion and look like a page from somewhere. On ordinary days, I can be found in my older-than-my-daughter blouse and skirt or worn-out and comfy t-shirt and bermudas.

Similarly, reading scrapbooking magazines can make me wonder about my lack of artistic flair and creativity as I compare my pages with those published. But I remind myself that my primary objective is to document memories.

There must necessarily be those "t-shirt and bermudas" equivalence of photos-and-cardstock-only pages. Only occasionally a page cries out to be decked up and I'll pull out blings, blossoms and buttons to adorn it. But I tell myself I will not lose the significance of that page to the embellishments. That's just me and my style. No offence to those who really have to flair for make every single page amazing and artistic.

So what are your pages like?

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