Saturday, June 13, 2009

Too much of some things

So I was busy organising my stuff two weeks ago.
How did I end up with so many types of adhesives and tapes?
I got a clear table ... for a day. Then I saw some projects which laid forgotten for a while and now I can't see the table-top again.

The room started out like this when we shifted in:
I added more shelves.
Which promptly got filled very quickly.
I think I need a mansion with many rooms. That will be MY perfect day:

我要一所大房子 有很大的落地窗户
阳光洒在地板上 也温暖了我的被子
我要一所大房子  有很多很多的房间
一个房间有很多的 scrapbook tools
一个房间有我漂亮的 papers
一个房间住着朋友和 cropping buddies
一个房间一个房间 我也不知道该放些什

errr ... wait, I DO know what I'll put inside. Lots of pink plastic bags full of goodies!

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