Monday, November 2, 2009

How Different Can They Be!

Two girls, twelve years apart.
One is quiet and reserved among family and in unfamiliar settings.

The other loves company, and the excitability index rockets sky-high the larger the crowd grows.

One hates to perform to a crowd (though that is changing somewhat in the last 2 years).

The other sings her lungs out on a makeshift microphone.

Her favourite song is Everyone and she can sing the entire song, albeit with some mispronunciations. It's her mandatory bedtime song. Twice, she fell asleep without this bedtime routine and she woke in the middle of the night claiming "forgot Everyone" and made us turn the music on before she finally fell asleep again.

Word of the day:
Com-mo-mo-yo, as in "Bye Bye Por Por. Bye bye Kong Kong. Gee you. Com-mo-mo-yo."
Translated: Bye Bye. See you. Come tomorrow.

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