Saturday, December 19, 2009

I met up with two dear friends yesterday. Mommies and kids all had a great time. After a delicious lunch of noodles for the children and nasi lemak for the adults, we rummaged through L's stash of rubberstamps and cranked the diecut machines to whip out some cards. Our girls participated too, with C making several clay items and HZ finishing a card. The boys were more interested in the computer, mixing in some energy-expending boxing sessions. E was flitting between the girls and the boys, undecided whether to colour with J or to run around cheering the boys.
Looking back, we have been friends for a long time. L and I were classmates in Primary 4 while F and I knew each other in secondary school. Then in Sec 3, the three of us were in the same class and the friendship thickened.
Despite different career paths, our interests seem to converge over the years. Each time we meet, we have endless things to talk about and do. Yesterday was no exception.
I am deeply grateful for our friendship. Though we don't meet very often, they are always in my thoughts. Wishing L a gratifying job next year.

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