Friday, January 15, 2010

Some telemarketers are so ridiculous.  This one called me and asked if the stainless steel pot I bought is working well. I asked her who gave her my phone number and she said I bought it from her agent and the agent took down my number. After I told her my pot was bought many years ago,  she said she still has my records. When I told her this was impossible and she should just come upfront and tell me the purpose of her call, she laughed and asked what is impossible. When she refused to be honest, I told her that my telephone number is new, long after the said pot purchase. Then she started ridiculing me and saying "Aunty, this is the 21st century. Anything is possible". I told her I'm not continuing the conversation because she is obviously trying to lie her way out. Then she shot out "Aunty, there is something wrong with your brains."

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Cracked Jar said...

Maybe it's time to invest in callerID