Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tidying My Room

I've had enough of this room and especially my craft table.

It served me well in the previous flat

but here, it takes up too much space in the middle of the room and everybody barely have room to move around. Even E complains she gets stuck while moving among the mess.

I bit the bullet and packed everything into IKEA boxes.
photo from IKEA catalogue
These were a steal when they were offered at a special price last week.  I got a dozen of them and in addition to those I already owned, managed to corral all the scrapping stash.

You know the saying that it must get worse before it gets better. That really applied for this room. Doesn't it look like a hurricane hit it? Or the recent storm?
I boxed and tagged the supplies and cleared the desktop. Finally, I emerged victorious over the mess with this room!
Meanwhile, P found this forgotten pot cover holder and I converted it into a tool holder.

The large guillotine cutter does not fit into the shelves and has been a pain to store. Now my sizzix platform and cutting mats have a home.
I found a stash of flair badges from Club Scrap and decided to put them on the curtain so they can cheer me up when I look up.
Okie doke. I have some swap pages to do tonight and an online chat to attend tomorrow. I also need to plan permanent homes for the remaining supplies still in boxes. You know where to find me if you need me!


Kate said...

Looking very nice, Esther!! Oops... I do need to start on the swap too!! Eek!!

sharon said...

omg esther .. I want ur room now ... I am sooo in need of organising ... Good job!!!!

Makes me wanna go down to Ikea

esther said...

Yes! Don't you love IKEA? I want to go there all the time!