Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

October is the busiest time of the year work-wise, which translates to very little time for other pursuits. Unfortunately, blogging got bumped off the list of priorities. Now I'm posting a long post to catch up.

The best event for October took place 18 years ago.

J has been busy with school and, even though examinations are over, lessons are still ongoing, thanks to the dedication of the S3 teachers.

E has progressed tremendously, picking up letters and numbers rapidly.

 Learning new skills such as painting:

 Building with blocks:
 Being helpful:
Mimicking her teachers: 

Being silly:

 All of which are exhausting:

On the crafting front, more swaps with local as well as US scrappers:

Send "Flat Esther" off to a scrapbooking retreat:

While waiting for the Retreat in a Box to come to me:

Making another card for my parents' singing class:

And the final big news for October:
Thanks MWL for the opportunity.  First assignment due soon; do watch this space for it.


shaggyfish said...

the flat esther tooooooooooooo cute! teach us leh!

esther said...

that's a photo of my head on a MR dress and stuck to an ice-cream stick!