Monday, February 4, 2008


FAST: There is nothing a string of holidays to spark a clearance frenzy at work. Tried to strike some to-do's off the list so that the next few days will be worry free. Another half day on Wednesday and the rest of the week is family time. I'm looking forward to chilling out - be it with family or just pottering around at home.

FASTER: Zipped home after work - thankfully the road conditions were smooth. Got home early and started dinner early. Now everyone is settled in and Big One is already asleep. She needs the sleep.

FASTEST: Got the photo printer cranked up again. I intend to compare photos of Big and Little Ones for one of the albums. Got some reprints of Big One in a round-about way - by taking digital shots of the old photos. Saved me rummaging through the negatives, a trip to the store and a few days wait. How's that for instant gratification?

Now, to complete some pages by speed scrapping through this weekend.

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