Monday, February 11, 2008

Work. Off. Work. Repeat.

I put up a sign on my office desk when I left this evening to announce that tomorrow is a non-working day. It's like the weekend happening mid-week. And the weekend comes a day early on Fridays. I can get to like it if it isn't so exhausting being at home with Little One.

Work is draining. I used to enjoy work. Too much. At Big One's expense. Nowadays, I tend to call it a day, without the compulsion to "send one more email" or "edit one more document".

Well, there are good weeks and there are lousy weeks. When the going is rough, I just close my eyes to the bursting inbox at work and the dust bunnies at home.

So this working part-time business is not exactly smooth going. I didn't think of negotiating for many things when I made the request. Now I have to iron things out as and when I encounter them. Like a public holiday falling on a non-working day. Sigh!

On a happier note, I can now put on my original wedding band!! It's taken twelve years to lose the baby fats from Big One. After Little One, my weight is back to the fifties, my knuckle size is back. Unfortunately, my thinning hair is back too.  Grin.

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