Thursday, May 15, 2008

Much ado about nothing

No blogging.

No scrapbooking.

No mojo.

What I did since early May:
Attended NSD event at MWL, long enough to shop the specials and play one game. Won some prizes by proxy though.
Tidied up the house (a little) to make a good impression for the valuator.
Attended classes at MWL - gotta love these "me" time.

What I need to do:
Get a new hairdo - those little tufts of hair growing since the post-baby fallout looks AWFUL!!
Shop for skirts that do not fall off! It's great that I have lost weight, but I can't wear clothes in t-shirt material to work all the time.
Get a new car seat for Little One. She's outgrown the current one, and she wants to sit upright and look out the window. She looks cute struggling to be upright, kinda like baby sit-up. Note to self - gotta take a photo!

Meantime, hope to check these out for inspiration sketches:

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