Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Thanks to my generous and understanding hubby, I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.  It's Mother's Day celebrated a week late.  On Saturday, after dropping Big One off for community service, I spent three hours at the spa.  Yes, three glorious pampering hours.
One of the treatment involved slathering a concoction resembling curry powder all over and then wrapping with cling wrap before popping me into the steam room.  After a few minutes, I was tingling from the heat of both steam and "marinate" :laugh:

Next stop was the hairdresser, but not before a delicious lunch at the new Bakerzin outlet.  My hair was dropping in horrendous amount since a couple of months ago, but I put it off as post-natal adjustments.  I did have baby hair sprouting in unsightly spots.  But at the hairdresser, I was shown where hair wasn't growing healthily.  Well, scalp treatment, hair cut and colouring job later, here's my new "do".  It's in an easy-to-care-for length and a soft brown shade.  I feel fresh, I hope I look fresh too.

That's not all.  On Sunday, I had a great time at MWL in the Basic Grey album class.  Could not finish, and spent some time yesterday and today doing up the little bits.  It's still not done yet.

Little One learnt a new skill.  On Saturday, she started clapping and looking extremely pleased with herself.  Of course she practised all she could, including during lunch.  Not too smart to send rice cereal flying in all directions :haha:
Will try to upload the video showing her new skill later.

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