Saturday, October 17, 2009

Felt Food Felt Good

Some food I made out of felt for E, to go with her cooking set. It's fun to embellish with needle and thread.I meant these to be broccoli, but they look like spring onions.
These strawberries look juicy and good enough to eat, don't they?

I'm going to get more colours of felt to make other types of food and fruits!

E is finally able to distinguish between P's and my camera. No more tears when she thought I was using P's camera or vice versa.

She is rather protective about who sits on which sofa and who is holding whose phone/bag/book. Kong Kong has to hide a songsheet behind the newspaper and pretend to be singing while reading the papers, when he want to practice the song, because she insists THAT songsheet belongs to Por Por. Quite hilarious, if it wasn't so frustrating at times. Everything cannot be shared, except with her. So while this camera is daddy's, she can lay claim on it!
I think this girl is going to be a gadget queen!

E-tionary word of the day:
alabit (n.) a combination of "a bit" and "little bit"

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