Saturday, May 5, 2012

Album in a hurry plus and a washi banner how-to

I needed an album - fast!
Ingredients: Club Scrap 6x6 cardstock, book boards, cover papers (inside and outside), 6x6 page protectors, and washi - lots and lots of washi.

Done in a couple of hours including time for brunch and entertaining a persistent kiddo.

A how-to for the banner on the cover:

  • Measure and cut twine to length of banner plus 2" on each end.  I tied a knot to indicate the working length I have.
  • Lay twine on a non-stick craft sheet.  Tear off different lengths of washi tape and stick over twine approximately midpoint of the washi tape.
  • Fold the washi tape over.
  • Cut the ends of the washi tape - for narrow tapes, just cut at a diagonal.
  • Secure ends of twine with the banner forming a gentle curve.

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