Saturday, May 12, 2012

From Mud to Gold!

You know how you mix Distress Inks and sometimes get mud?  Especially greens and reds, like below:

Festive Berries and Evergreen Bough (Winter Seasonal colours)

And if you add purple, you get muddier mud, if that is possible.
Seedless Preserves (Fall Seasonal colour)

Watch what happens when you add Mustard Seed - I tell you it's magic!!

Don't blink now ...
 Tada!!!  Everything just brightens up!  That colour should be renamed Midas' Touch!

So I declare:
Mustard Seed is the new black!!
I mean, it goes with everything ...

The finished tag:

What, you saw something in the earlier photo?  Yeah, my ink storage gone high-rise:

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