Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lots Done, Lots to Do

The year is tailing off. There is much to be done on the homefront.
Renovations has started in the flat and I'm really excited about doing up the place. We will be moving after Big One's examination, some time mid October.

Big One is enjoying her school holiday, and it's half gone already! Ooops, better clear the holiday assignments by tomorrow so that we can enjoy the weekend.

Little One is waking up once less in the night for her feed. Dada had to whisk her away when she stirs the first time and get her back to sleep again. That will be around midnight. I will relent the next time and feed her, which is around 2 or 3 am. But this morning, she was bright and alert after the feed and crawled around trying to wake us up. I was ignoring her, hoping she'll get bored and get back to sleep. Finally, I don't know who fell asleep first, but we got that precious 2 more hours of sleep. That's GOOOOOD!!!

I think we need to tweak the timing so that I feed her around midnight and she skips the 2-3 am feed. We'll see ....

On the crafting front, I did a major repacking on Friday and Saturday in a near futile attempt to neaten the craft stash. At least I cleared the table top, and removed the supplies from the wobbly carts. They are now in the bulging cupboard or in pizza boxes under the table. Must have dusted off and woken the scrapping genie in doing so, cos I got several pages done between Saturday and yesterday. That's GOOOOOD too!!!

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