Friday, September 26, 2008

Scrapbooking, Then and Now - Vellum

Vellum opened up a lot of opportunities for experimentation.  Cutting, tearing, printing, overlaying.  Here are some of the techniques on layouts done in 2002.

Two diagonal cuts in the centre of the vellum allow the photo to be revealed, much like those extreme makeover shows' reveal.  Brad hold the flaps as well as attach the vellum to the background cardstock.  Title stickers also hide the adhesives.  As invisible adhesives were not available then, I had to be creative in attaching vellum or other sheers.

In the following layout, I printed some images on white cardstock in colour and black-and-white.  Other random black-and-white images were printed on vellum, duplicating some of the photos on the layer below.  The vellum layer is torn around four sides and attached to the lower layer with brads.
You can see how strong colours the colours are on the lower layer, although they look muted when the vellum is laid over it.
Some of these techniques are worth trying out today.  Go ahead, mix some old techniques with new and/or timeless supplies and give everything a new twist.

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