Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scrapbooking, Then and Now - Multiple Photos

How to scrap multiple school photos?
Doors open to reveal accordion album.

What about multiple photos of the same shot?  Don't even ask why I ended up with so many copies of the same photo ...
I cut the extras into one inch squares and let the edges of the photo bleed to the edge of the page in a mosaic fashion.
Some squares are repeated twice or three time.
Works well with scenery photos or a spectacular scenic backdrop with some details.  Go ahead, revive these two old techniques into a mod layout!

On the home front, we succeeded in getting Little One to drink formula milk from the bottle.  For a week, she had been spoon-fed, coaxed and cajoled and finally yesterday drank 80 ml out of the milk bottle.  Finally a light at the end of the tunnel to pumping and storing.  I will still nurse her during the times that I am home though.  

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