Saturday, January 17, 2009

10-17 Jan

A typical working day begins at 5.20 am. By six everyone is dressed and ready to set off.
The roads are quieter at 6.20 am ... and road users are sane.  
It's good to be at work before 7.  I start real slowly by checking mail and planning for the rest of the day.  I only wish I can leave work an hour earlier since I've already put in the hours.  

For a variety of reasons, I sleep very poorly at night and by 4 pm daily, the migraine will strike. I'm a wreck all the way home, barely making it through dinner.  I might as well put Painkiller as dessert on the daily menu.  Forget quality time with anyone.  It's me nursing my headache while singing "Glory" for the 20th time, and I'm usually the one who falls asleep first!
Weekends offer little reprieve. With E clocking in only 1 nap these days, I barely have time to clean up the mess she makes round the clock. 

Her offers of help do not count.  
And since so many things interest her (except her toys), it takes incredible energy and perserverance to coax her to nap.  It's usually after a lot of whining and protests that she finally knocks out, for ... oh maybe 45 minutes?

Hopefully long enough for me to blog this and take a breather.

Edited to note: she did sleep long enough for me to hit post before I realise I forgot to proofread some parts first. 

On a separate topic, I subscribed to the Simple Scrapbooking philosophy for the longest time.  So it's sad to hear the announcement.  Scrapping Simply has helped me get caught up, and I still love the graphic style and the focus on photo and journalling.  I hope the idea of scrapping simple will not fade.  Much as I admire detailed layouts and the patience of scrappers who adopt the style, I still prefer to keep things simple on my pages.  Sure, I'll do some elaborate pages, but it's like going out to a fancy dinner - to be done occasionally.

I completed the flipping cool project, sans photos.  Will experiment with putting it up here later.

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