Monday, January 5, 2009

4-5 Jan

Yesterday was a typical Sunday - preparing the day's meal before 7 am, getting everyone out of the house and in church by 7.30.  Except the Toddlers were promoted and E will be one of the older few remaining with the Wobblers and Crawlers.  

Out of sheer routine, we went to PS for lunch and hung out at my Happy Place.  What's extraordinary was J's request to buy a dress - a dressy dress.  Granted, she paired it with a cardigan, but it's a far cry from her T-shirt and jeans do.  I fought mixed feelings as she pointed out to me what's in and what would not work with her complexion and her shape.  Feeling proud at how she has grown more assertive and speaking her mind, yet melancholic that she has outgrown her dependence on us to make decisions for her.

She is still shy about her looks and refuses to be photographed if she can help it.  Today, she either cannot help it, or is being kind to her Momma in obliging with a less than sunny countenance.

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