Saturday, January 3, 2009

1 - 3 Jan

The first day of the year was spent quietly at home.  P was house-husband for the day, taking care of chores around the house, including preparing the porridge for Little One.  I began organising our photos according to Library of Memories themes.  LOM is Stacey Julian's approach to organising and scrapbooking photos.  For more details, visit Big Picture or her blog.  

I put the photos into photoboxes and stamped on the handle with StazOn:

I got a little carried away writing labels for each of the four of us, all 12 combinations of any two of us, 6 combinations of three of us, and our extended family members with one or more of us ... well you get the picture?
Eventually my labels include:
All About Us: The immediate family of us four individually and with each other.
People We Love: extended family and relatives, friends and colleagues
Places We Go: homes-ours and relatives', parks and playgrounds, beach, in the car, vacation destinations
Things We Do: food, toys, hobby, work, celebrations, swimming, music, animals, nature, seasons and colours.
Events are put by decades and years.

Henceforth I will scrap the events and leave the remaining photos for year in review layouts.  The remaining photos thereafter will be moved into the categories above.

I finished placing one big box of photos into the categories.  I still have some 4x6 index card boxes to be sorted.  Following that, I'll have to rethink my mishmash collection of albums.  I started with 8.5x11 and later 12x12, 8x8 and 6x6.  I just haven't reconciled how to replace my old albums.  As I crave uniformity and standardisation, it will cost an arm and a leg to replace those albums.

As for rest of the study, it's still overflowing with my stash.  My best estimate is I'll use 60-70% of the room.  

Yesterday was the first day of school for J.  She was placed in a different class but was pleased to find most of her former classmates were there too. She'll attend camp next week, of which two days are stay in.  I missed the first-day-of-school photo so I'll take a shot of her on Monday.

Today E was cranky from her runny nose and barely napped in the late morning before I had to disturb her to go fetch J from the CCA fair in school.  Runny nose or not, her appetite hardly waned.  She had a whole slice of plain bread, separately (I'll tell this story later) a slice of cheese, some biscuits, and topped it all off with a bottle of milk.

I got some goodies in the mail today.  Two kits from Club Scrap and an extra order for a project which I can't wait to start on.  It'll be flipping cool.  I must remember to post pics in progress.

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