Friday, July 24, 2009

Experiments with Paint

To investigate the effects of water and heat on different medium.
Heat gun
Squirt bottle
Maya Road Mist
Memories Mist
Making Memories Acrylic Paint
Adirondack Paint Dabber
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Line Paint
Delta Paper Paint
Ranger Distress Stickles

Okay, enough of serious-looking lists, let the fun begin!

1. Maya Road Mist and water resist
Water mist squirted from spray bottle was too fine and merely diluted the mist. I then collected some water in the palm of my hand and sprinkled onto the paper. The droplets were larger and created the effect I intended when I applied the Maya Road Mist in purple (see lower droplet with white cardstock showing through). By the time I applied the Mist in blue, the water had pooled and dried slightly and the blue mist merely looked diluted (see other group of droplets). But I got the splattered edges I wanted with the larger droplets which took longer to dry.

2. Memories Mist with acrylic paint resist
I applied some acrylic paint and dried it. Memories Mist is more like a pigment suspension. It pooled over the acrylic paint (see left). I also tried a resist with water and found that the mist layered over the water and when I dried everything with the heat gun, the mist appeared diluted (see right). I could not get the white cardstock to show through and I don't have the splatter edges around the droplets.

Now let's bring the heat on!

3. Delta Paper Paint
This paint has the most watery consistency. The thin film of paint bubbled easily and dried quickly. The blister will flatten if pressed.
4. Making Memories Paint
Applied neat from the bottle, the thicker consistency meant that it bubbled only after prolonged heating. After heating, the paint lost its sheen. The resulting blister has a thicker "skin" which does not flatten as easily.
5. Claudine Hellmuth Paint
This took the longest to bubble, and as a result, I scorched the paper. The bubble did not expand much, and the resulting blister did not have much texture. However, the paint retained its sheen after drying.
6. Distress Stickle
I used Distress Stickle instead of regular. The liquid bubbled easily but shrunk without leaving any textured blisters. So disappointing!
Have I convinced you that it is FUN to see the paint bubble and blister and pop? Now go play!!

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Anonymous said...

you have been busy! haha... thanks for sharing the results of your mini-experiment..