Monday, July 20, 2009

Play Day for Mummy

I'm scouting around for CHA-S sneak peeks. This is probably the "motherload" of all sneaks. What struck me most is the list of companies which are not exhibiting, some of which are big names. Of course it does not necessarily hint of trouble for these brands as they are still releasing new products. On the contrary, it could be that they feel they are well-entrenched in the industry and can afford to cut back from this particular trade show. However, not so for this. For more industry news, head over here.

Speaking of cutting back, I'm finding so much satisfaction experimenting with the Sizzix and thinking of new ways to use old products. I'm going to move onto paints and pigments next. Yes, tomorrow is the perfect day to play. The family had better watch what's on the dinner plate - maybe some glitter or glimmer ...

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