Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prayers In Her Own Words

E has been saying grace before her meals and milk. It started with lots of prompting, and she'll fill in the final word in each phrase:
(Thank You) Jesus (for my) merk. (Bless it to my) boddee. Amen.

Recently she progressed to
Thank You Jesus for merk merk. Blezzit boddee Amen.

She will also pause and substitute milk for "shereal", "mum-mum" or "bibao" (mian bao=bread).

At bedtime, she has been faithfully laying hands on me or J and praying for us. At first all I could make out was

Dear God, thank You Jesus ...mumble mumble... Amen

Then last night, very clearly, J and I heard
Dear God, thank You Jesus. Bless boddee. Amen

The question remains - did she just say grace or ask for healing in our bodies?

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