Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ribbon Frenzy

When I saw this ribbon ring organiser, I thought "oh, I can do that", but pondered over what material to use and how to mass produce the tag. I've even consider saving the tags from bread - yeah I know, it'll take years to save enough tags for my ribbon stash.

Anyway, last night, in a semi-dreamy state from E's sleep talking (Ashkew me Daddy thaz Mama's pillow), I thought of my Sizzix Picket Fence die.
It looks different from what I remembered while half-asleep, but I decided it might work. So I cranked the Big Kick and several craft foam sheets later ...
my very own DIY ribbon tag.
Because of the width of the slot, I could put 4 to 10 lengths of ribbons and fibre on each tag. And I used 30+ tags, so you can imagine how big my stash is.

Here's my fibre rainbow in all its colourful glory. I lurrrrvvvvveeeee to run my hand through it!
The down side:
It cannot take widths more than 5/8".

In my zealous and pre-Milo state, I cut up way too many picket fences.
Anyone wants some?


Kate aka stinkydudette said...

this is so clever!! i've started ribbon hoarding myself, and this comes in handy!

i don't seem to have that die (not that i have a lot to start of with). haha..

thanks for sharing!

esther said...

Kate, I can let you have some of the dies I've cut.

Anonymous said...

oooo.. really?!! yay!! thanks many many! *huggies*

..feli.. said...
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..feli.. said...

hi esther!
when i was reading your blog entry i was actually thinking : "hmm i could use some of those myself. i wonder if esther would mind cutting some up for me" and when you said you have extras at the bottom of your entry............

i want some please!! :)
thank you esther.
but are you sure you won't use them anytime soon???? :p

esther said...

Hi Feli, sure you can have some. Stop me from adding to my stash!