Friday, August 21, 2009

Sleepy Heads

I've been craving flat layouts.
Just realised that these layouts all show the girls sleeping. Something I wish they do more of.

M I Yr Pillow, R U My Bolster
E always searches out my tummy, even in the middle of the night. Whenever I ask her "Am I your pillow?" she'll giggle and say "Nooooo" cheekily. I'll then hug her and ask "Are you my bolster?" to which she again says "Noooo". But we still allow ourselves to be each other's pillow and bolster.

7:43 am
This is for Aida's challenge using no more than 20 items, and mine are
  • yellow cardstock (1 point)
  • patterned paper, cut into another narrow strip at the bottom (2 points)
  • photos (2 points)
  • broken china distressed ink over masks for the title (1 point)
  • ribbon between patterned paper (1 point)
  • red tag (1 point)
  • rub-on applied to the back of paper, shown broken up after I tore and distressed the paper (1 point)
  • chipboard swirls (2 points)
  • round brads (4 points)
  • heart-shaped brad (1 point)
  • journalling (1 point)
for a total of 17 points.

The Tim Holtz masks make excellent contact with the cardstock, leaving a crisp edge after inking.

This is the companion page. I used at least 15 stamps around the photo to frame it.
Topped with a rub-on title, this page cannot be any flatter!
E is tired out from her bout of stomach flu, she's taking her third nap of the day. The house is quiet, the air is fresh from the rain. I think I'll put my feet up with a mug of Milo.

Have a good weekend ahead!

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