Friday, August 28, 2009

Space and Pages

Many have commented on my stash from what they have seen on this blog, and asked if I have a space problem. Yes, I am very challenged in this respect. I'm not neat and my belongings have a tendency to spread across all available space.

In the old flat, I had my supplies in several rooms: completed albums in the living room, books and some tools in the study, often-used supplies in the bedroom where I had a big table and some shelves.

Now, while the albums are still in the living room, I have everything else in the study. I still work off the big table and inch-for-inch, I have roughly the same amount of shelf space as before. However everything is within reach now and I am using my supplies more.

The next logical question is: how much more?

I took a count of my pages done in the last 2 years. This is an easy marker as I simply looked for pages post-baby. Grand total: 256 pages (completed with photos) of which 20% are from workshops attended in the early days post-baby. I do have a couple of hundred pages still awaiting photos - I am almost caught up with current photos. That's not counting the mini albums.

The number surprised me because I have underestimated how much I have done after E arrived. Sure, not every page is agonizingly artsy and laboriously lavish. But done. Documented. Remembered.

Now that I have suitably encouraged myself, I am going to set some goals for myself to get even more pages done. Perhaps I should ask the family for their photos.

How about you? Do you feel bad about not making enough pages to justify your stash? I encourage you to just get the pages done and memories recorded before they fade, without fretting over making each page especially elaborate. They ARE special if they are made with love by you.

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