Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It's Wednesday. It's September. It's the middle of the school break. Where has the first two-thirds of the year gone? Where has 646 days of working part-time taken me?

E is a true-blue terrible two, headstrong in her opinions about how things are done and what belongs to whom. She decides who to push her pram and how the loaf of bread is to be retied and clipped with the tag. Don't anyone dare to sit on mommy's chair or por-por's sofa or play with daddy's iphone. Only she can sit wherever and hold whosoever's camera/handphone/book.

J has selected the subject combinations for next year and will encounter the decisive year-end examinations for Secondary Two when Term 4 starts. She is at once matured and measured in her school life and friendships, and also displaying teenage angst about personal time and self-esteem. I am only glad that she smiles more often than she sulks. Between a teen and a toddler, a mother's patience can be stretched thin.

I am still juggling work and home. I feel compelled to choose one or the other full-time because I feel I am inadequately filling both roles. Has anyone chosen on or the other and willing to share the experience? Is anyone in the same shoes as me and survived with a story to tell?

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