Thursday, September 10, 2009

Milestones for a 2-Year Old

This is E with her cooking set and containers ransacked from the kitchen. She will ladle rice and soup and serve us, but not without reminding us "pretend only" when we ask for a spoon to eat with.

She's asking to sleep on her bed, even for afternoon naps. She knows what to ask for when tired (which isn't very often) or hungry (which is almost around the clock).

She is more willing to say "see you" and "bye" than "good morning" and "hello".

She is slowly unlearning her baby words.
E-in? No, E- ryn!
kae-kyu? No, gang-kyu! (Thank you)
Tika Mouse? No, Mee-Kee Mouse!
Air-kyu me? Mmmm. Got to work on the "Excuse me".

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