Friday, October 3, 2008

Layouts - U R GR8

TTYL bb4n ruok cul8r
IDK what these meant, the spelling baffled me.  I had to ask Big One to translate.

It's tough to be a teenager in this day and age, but I'm proud of her.

I had a similar title done with this type of spelling: Cutie Pie.

Then I remembered in my childhood this joke was running around.  And the adults then were baffled too.  LOL!!
Can you read this - it's a complete sentence!!

TTYL  talk to you later
bb4n  bye bye for now
ruok   are you okay?
cul8r  see you later
idk      I don't know
LOL    Laugh Out Loud
            Okay, maybe you heard variations such as these?  
OICURMT!    Oh I see you are empty!

GTG, TTFN.  Lots of packing to be done!

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