Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scrapbooking, Then and Now - Photos with Text Overlays

Packing gives me a chance to revisit the old albums, and laugh a little (or a lot).  I found more techniques that I might want to revisit.

In order to cram photos and journalling onto a double page spread, I printed the text onto vellum and placed them over the photos, some partially covering the unimportant parts of the pictures.
Here's the same effect using photo-editing software. You'll need to place the text over a block of contrasting colour for the text to be visible. For the digital or hybrid scrapbooker, brushes can be purchased for use in the same way.

Today you can also achieve the same effect with rub-ons or transparency overlays such as these, these and these, but you cannot customise easily the text or graphic. For a short title, you can cut out the letters or use one of the die-cutting machines. I'm not known for my patience to handcut or even machine cut dozens of letters and pasting them down!  I much prefer the digital way.  

What's your favourite way to get text onto photos?

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