Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Transitions and A Tough Weekend

The last of this breathtaking view.

The last bottle.

New milestones:

And a new view:
It was a tough weekend.  I had to work extra during my off day to meet the deadline on Monday.  Well, I could have shrugged everything off and tried to enjoy the weekend, but I couldn't take the chance in case of a hiccup on Monday morning.  So poor Little One had dinner after eight, and ours was close to midnight.  But look at what we feasted on!

Big One came back with her results yesterday, and she was a little upset in missing her target by just a bit.  

I cut her some slack as I can see it is really tough adapting to secondary school life, and she didn't fare too badly.  But I hope she will learn not to merely "get by" but give her best in everything she endeavours.  I took the chance to share about my stressful project at work, reminding her that in school or at work, we need to be responsible and good stewards of our time and resources. 
I hope the rest of the week will pass smoothly.

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