Thursday, May 28, 2009


Some time later, I'll probably look back and miss this, but tonight, I'm proud to say E fell asleep for the first time without lying on my tummy. I know she'll shed these habits gradually. I just want to remember them as they are now:

Our typical night-time routine involves her asking anyone and everyone to bring her "-stairs" or "bring (E to) mama". She'll watch one of three Sesame Street video clips (1, 2, 3)over and over again until both mama and daddy have bathed, at which time she'll instruct daddy to "make milk".

The milk bottle has to be shaken by nearly everyone before she'll scramble into bed and wait. She'll squint her eyes and clasp her hands while mama says grace. She'll repeat "Amen" until given the bottle.

Once the milk is consumed, she'll want all the lights off, the ipod music on and mama to sing. Her current favourites include This is My Commandment ("Ment"), Glory to the Lamb ("Glory"), King of Kings and Lord of Lords ("King"), Oh Lord Our Lord ("Oh Lord"), and Bibbedi Bobbedi Boo ("Bi Boo").
Prayers - she decides who to pray for - followed by more songs and nonsense conversations such as pointing at my eyes, "eye bow", all my moles.

She might hear daddy in the kitchen, and she'll announce "daddy make mama milo". She'll wait for me to finish my drink, and I must show her the empty cup, before making room for me on her bed.
Tonight, she plopped herself on my tummy, asked for her "-ket" and after a while, slid off me and drifted off to sleep.

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