Friday, May 15, 2009

Played with paints

These are homework from Celine's layout class last Saturday. It was really out of the box for me to get messy. But liberating!
Here's where we learned how to "photoshop" unwanted bits of the photo away. Love the resulting golden glow!
Loads of masking tape here. Yeah, I o-d'ed on gold paint here! I think I'll do up a bunch and decorate the wall along the stairwell with some "lobby art".

Okay, I hid the "crying clouds" as they were so out of place for this layout. And the photo alteration will work on home printed photos, but you don't get the golden glow, just a sticky patch of original white glossy paper.
Love the velvet ribbons and felt flowers!!

Yay!! All homework completed, teacher Celine!

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