Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happily Crafting the Day Away

It is so therapeutic to craft the day away. Hubby was so sweet to look after E while J, of course, needed no looking after but was out of the house before noon.
I delved into the projects and completed four of them in succession, getting glue-y and inky and losing track of them. Some frustrating moments though ... like getting a bookboard cut. And finding out too late that the thickness of my ruler is a hair shy of one-eighth inch. The realisation (why didn't I verify before I started gluing things down!) came when the box cracked during assembly. Sigh ... I managed to patch it with some bookbinding tape and I hope it stays in place.
The lighting is terrible and I won't be able to take any photos for now. But if you want to know what they "should" look like, visit Club Scrap.

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