Monday, May 11, 2009

Metal Album

Celine's classes were uber fun.
Here's one of the album. I bound the pages into 3 signatures with ribbons and attached metallic beads at the ends.

I sandwiched the crepe paper ribbons between cardstock pages. Doing this also made the pages more sturdy.
I layered different sizes within each signature.
The crepe paper ribbons were white, which I didn't like. So I spritzed and inked and squirted ... and of course ... got my hands inky and dirty again. THAT's half the fun!
I'm 2 photos short for completing the other album. And the layouts are not titled yet. Will post pics soon.

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Anonymous said...

looking nice...

i've yet to continue mine. knowing me, i'll prolly get down to it in a couple of weeks. haha..

nice meeting you!