Friday, May 22, 2009

Nothing New

Not really ...
Been packing some shelves, moving the dust around. Not quite ready to throw stuff out, which is what's really needed in order to calm the chaos. I'm procrastinating under the guise of organising.
I'm also catching up on podcasts and blogs. Sigh ... I've got 1133 left to go...

E has been speaking a lot. I'm surprised she's learnt "Mine" vs "Yours": This is my bed, where's yours? And she'll point to her bed and then palm to chest "Mine!" She's also parroting us in Cantonese and Mandarin too. This might be a good chance to surround her with a variety of languages and words.

I've been working part-time for 18 months. It's good to spend time at home with the girls. I didn't have that chance 12 years ago. Despite the sacrifices this entails, I believe it is the best arrangement for everyone. My parents need their personal time and they don't have the same energy and health as 12 years ago. I guess this will continue for a few more years.

The weekend is almost here for everyone else, although mine can be considered to have started. Have a good weekend!

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